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Financial Manager

Job Title: Financial manager – Renewable Energy 


We are seeking a Financial Manager to join our team and play a key role in managing the financial aspects of our renewable energy projects. The Financial Manager will work closely with our project development team, investors, off-takers, and other stakeholders to develop and implement investment strategies, evaluate financial feasibility, secure project financing and manage project risks. 


  • Develop investment strategies: Analyze market trends, project feasibility, economic models, and financial models to develop investment strategies that align with the overall project goals and objectives.

  • Manage project budgets: Create and manage project budgets and cash flow projections, monitor expenses and revenue streams, and ensure that the project is delivered within budget constraints.

  • Secure project financing: Identify and secure project financing from various sources, such as banks, private equity firms, or government agencies, and negotiate terms of financing agreements.

  • Assess financial feasibility: Conduct financial feasibility studies and risk assessments to determine the financial viability of the project, identify key risks and opportunities, and develop risk management strategies 

  • Manage project risks: Monitor and manage project risks, including market volatility, regulatory changes, environmental risks, and other potential factors that could impact the financial performance of the project.

  • Report on project progress: Prepare regular financial reports on project progress, including revenue projections, debt services coverage ratios, and other key financial metrics.

  • Build and maintain relationship with investors, lenders, and other stakeholders, as well as with the project development team and other internal stakeholders. 

  • Negotiation and manage contracts: Negotiate and manage contracts with off-takers, suppliers, and other project partners to ensure that project goals are met within budget and time constraints. This includes negotiation and finalization of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for our renewable energy projects.

  • Stay up to date with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in the renewable energy sector to inform investment strategies and risk management practices. 



  • Bachelor's degree in business, finance, economics, or a related field

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in financial position in the renewable energy sector

  • Strong knowledge of energy markets and renewable energy technologies

  • Excellent financial analysis and modelling skills

  • Exceptional communication and negotiation skills

  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously

  • Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines

  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements and policies related to renewable energy projects


Preferred Experiences:

  • Experience in financial modeling and risk analysis

  • Understanding of project finance and tax equity structures

  • Experience with energy storage and grid integration technologies

SynCo Global aims to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace, and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds to join our team. We are seeking highly motivated and talented individuals with a passion for green technology to join our team. If you are committed to making a positive impact in the renewable energy sector and have the skills and experiences we are looking for, we encourage you to apply by summiting your CV and cover letter (no more than two pages) to

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