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Technology & Products

Our Technology


Blockchain Technology

Our Zyteum applies patented technologies to offer enhanced and secure operations across critical infrastructure sectors. And the Zyteum Platform enables the efficient and cost-effective deployment of enterprise blockchain applications in Growing critical industries, such as energy, financial services, medical-tech etc.


R&D Advanced Industry-leading Technology

  • Green Hydrogen Production

  • Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Storage

  • Smart Microgrid Management System

  • VPP & Energy Efficiency

  • EV to Grid Platform and more... 


Hydrogen Projects Innovation and Integration Technology

  • Investing in Emerging Technologies and establishing a large-scale hydrogen industry for Production & Export

  • Solar Hydrogen

  • Smart Grid

Our Products

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This product is mainly composed of human-computer interaction touch screen, card reader, energy metering module, charging module, communication module, charging interface, control module, and spot body. With the up-to-date power technology and process as well as the double DSP digital control, the charging module is specially designed for new energy vehicle charging station; the leading three-phase active power factor correction (APFC) technology in the industry is used at the preceding stage, and the tri-level bridge resonance soft switch technology is used at the backward stage, the input voltage is wide and the total harmonic current is less than 5%, the input power factor is 99%, and the maximum efficiency reaches 96%, resulting in high efficiency, high power density, and high reliability. The module adopts forced air cooling for heat dissipation, so that the space occupied is small, and the assembly is easy.

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30KW-LA Integrated DC Charging Sport

XY-30KW-LA integrated DC charging sport (new national standard) is mainly used for DC and fast charging of electric vehicles. This product integrates power conversion, charging control, human-computer interaction control, communication, billing, and metering, and has good dustproof and waterproof functions. With the protection class of IP54, this product can be operated and maintained outdoors in a safe manner. The power conversion unit of the charging spot follows the modular design principle with the power of a single module up to 15KW, so that it can be configured flexibly to meet the charging requirements of electric vehicles with different capacities. It is the best choice for outdoor fast and DC charging.

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7KW AC Wall-Mounted Charging Spot Series

This series has multiple protection functions, humanized screen prompt function, and automatic charging control; this product provides Ethernet, 4G, GPRS, and other communication interfaces to realize the real-time communication with the monitoring center or the operation management center, and accepts the instructions from the control center or the monitoring center; this product detects the connection status of the charging cable on a real-time basis, and stops the charging immediately upon the connection interruption, so as to ensure the safety of people and vehicles during the process of charging.

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