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Our Team

Advisory Board

Prof. David J. Hill

As a distinguished Professor of Electrical Power and Energy Systems with over 40 years of experience in research and consultancy, David Hill brings a wealth of expertise to the table as a technology/project advisor for your renewable energy project company. His extensive research on systems and control, power systems dynamics and control, and future power and energy systems places him at the forefront of clean energy transition. With his experience supervising over 40 research students and 20 postdocs, many of whom now hold senior positions in industry both in Australia and overseas, David is well-equipped to provide valuable insights on project management, technology adoption, and innovation in the renewable energy sector. David's consultative experience on energy issues, including his recent work with the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, and involvement in international groups related to future energy and grids, further strengthens his ability to provide strategic guidance to your organization. With his extensive publications and recognition as a Fellow of three international professional societies, an elected member of two Australian and two overseas learned academies, and recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the IEEE Power & Energy Society Prabha S. Kundur Power System Dynamics and Control Award and the 2022 IEEE Power System Society Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize, David is an exceptional asset to any organization seeking to drive innovation and growth in the renewable energy sector.

Strategic Advisory Board

Gary Humphries

Gary is an accomplished politician, public servant, and business advisor with extensive experience in government, public policy, and business strategy. As a former Senator and Minister in the Australian Federal Government, Gary has a deep understanding of the political and regulatory landscape in Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region. He also has a wealth of experience in business strategy and consulting, having worked with a wide range of clients across various industries. As a Stagegy advisory, Gary brings his wealth of experience to our renewable energy project company, providing strategic advice and guidance to our leadership team. With his extensive experience in government and public policy, Gary is well-positioned to help us navigate complex regulatory environments and identify opportunities to leverage government incentives and support for renewable energy projects. His business acumen and strategic thinking have also been invaluable in helping us develop a robust business strategy that aligns with our long-term goals and objectives. Gary's commitment to excellence and his strong work ethic have made him a valuable member of our team. He is passionate about renewable energy and sustainability and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our projects are successful. We are honored to have him as part of our team and look forward to working with him to build a more sustainable future.

Development Director

Charles McKenzie

As the Development Director for your renewable energy project company, Charles brings a wealth of experience in project management and commercial development, with a proven track record of identifying and executing successful investment opportunities that align with company values and policies. He is highly skilled in creating origination strategies, development frameworks, and processes that pinpoint optimal investment structures and plans for achieving organizational objectives while mitigating risk. Charles's experience in creating and analyzing business cases through strategic commercial planning and analytical modeling provides a solid foundation for evaluating and managing Devex, Capex, and Opex. He has extensive knowledge of standard contracts and model forms, including MOUs, NDAs, JVs, PPA's, Offtake, FEED, EPC, O&MA, etc., and is adept at identifying, mitigating, and cascading risks through the supply chain. Moreover, Charles's comprehensive PMO experience, knowledge, skills, tools, processes, and techniques equip him with the ability to assess and manage risks collectively across technical, commercial, and financial dimensions on complex projects and initiatives. Charles has a talent for creating a vision, strategizing, and energizing others to actively participate and collaborate, ensuring projects meet business objectives and personnel development. As a coach and influencer of multicultural teams worldwide, Charles demonstrates sensitivity and awareness of cultural diversity and inclusion to maximize project outcomes. Charles's skills in striking the optimum balance of the risk in the commercial/contracting strategy & plan ensure the achievement of project objectives and maximize the value created for the organization.



Lynne Yu

Dr. Lynne Yu is an accomplished power system engineer, entrepreneur, and advocate for sustainability with a passion for zero carbon emission targets. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, where her research on renewable energy system grid integration and system strength yielded meaningful outcomes for the industry. Lynne is currently pursuing postdoctoral research at Stanford University's Civil and Environmental Engineering department, where she is working on a research project focused on 100% renewable energy power system planning for a future regional grid. Additionally, she is studying long duration energy storage and conducting a zero carbon emission microgrid study. With over 20GW of renewable energy projects developed across Australia, Europe, and America, Lynne has proven her capabilities and experience in the field. Her impressive presentation on renewable project integration and grid connection at the APAC Green Hydrogen summit and other conferences has garnered attention and interaction from industry professionals and project developers. As a woman in STEM leader, Lynne is committed to promoting gender equality and providing internship opportunities for female students to participate in renewable energy projects. As an entrepreneur, Lynne is dedicated to delivering industry-leading technologies for a low carbon, clean, and sustainable future. She has established a research service center and collaborates with academics, researchers, and industry partners to fundraise and commercialize innovative and insightful renewable technologies to fight climate change and help the world reach a net-zero emission and cleaner energy future. With her dream of becoming the female Elon Musk, Lynne is determined to lead the industry and revolutionize the way we generate, store and distribute energy. Her collaborative approach and ability to inspire and motivate her team make her an invaluable member of our organization.


Electrical Engineer

Jiajie Feng

Currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Queensland, Jiajie deeply immersed in research focused on the dynamics stability of power systems, specifically exploring the profound impact of the large integration of renewable energy sources. His passion for advancing sustainable energy solutions has led me to actively contribute to SynCo Global, where he has played a role in conducting comprehensive connection studies utilizing powerful tools such as PSS/E, PSACD, and PowerFactory.

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