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Utilising Your Land - Landowners

We take pride in our exceptional partnership with landowners. Across Australia, we offer a plethora of benefits to landowners by seamlessly transforming option-to-lease opportunities into sustainable, long-term income streams.

Land serves as a foundational asset in the advancement of renewable energy initiative. By collaborating closely with Australian landowners, we establish mutually advantageous opportunities that not only expand our portfolio but also enhance our partners' revenue streams. In parallel, we assume a pivotal role in advancing our nation's emissions reduction objectives.

For landowners, endorsing the development of renewable energy projects translates to diversifying income sources across farming and solar operations. With no initial capital investment or ongoing operational expenses, our partners gain a consistent 'passive' revenue stream. This collaboration effort also ensures the enduring security of inter-generational wealth creation.

We guarantee that solar project development does not disrupt farming operations. Furthermore, we maintain regular communication with landowners to provide update on progress, fostering enduring relationships built upon trust, respect and effective communication.

When considering land suitable for solar development, the following characteristics need to be evident:

  • At least 200ha

  • Minimal vegetation and reasonably flat

  • Access to high-voltage power lines or substations

  • Available for long term lease

We are actively searching for viable sites for renewable energy projects across New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. We welcome discussions with potential landowners who share our vision for sustainable energy. For more information, please reach out to our experienced development team.

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